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3 Simple Ideas For a Whole New Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Energy pulses in and out of it at such rapid rates that sometimes you lose track of how it looks. Old scrapes and bruises are a sign of love and wear, but they can often add up, making the life force of your home seem a little run down. Luckily, there are simple ways to spruce up your kitchen.


The first and simplest fix is updating your kitchen’s hardware. While shopping for new knobs and handles, think equal parts function and fashion. You want to upgrade your current hardware without totally throwing off the style of your kitchen. If your kitchen is country classic don’t opt for modern, contemporary handles and vice versa! Trending: using longer pulls that stretch the entire length of the drawer (pictured below). Updating hardware can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and will not break the bank in the process!


Click here to see this kitchen transformation:

Light Fixtures

Where’s the unwritten rule that kitchens have to have boring, functional light fixtures? Swap out the long fluorescent bulbs for something that expresses who you are and is a reflection of your home. Chandeliers, Edison lighting and long fixtures above your kitchen island are great places to start.


Click here to see this kitchen transformation:


Click here to see this kitchen transformation:

Updated Cabinets

Updating your kitchen’s cabinets will breathe new life into your home. It is a quick fix that often goes undone because fear of cost and time, but contrary to people’s fears, it can be a super quick, easy and painless fix! While shopping for new cabinets keep an eye out for windows and glass paned versions, they make your kitchen appear larger and brighter! Another quick, inexpensive update is to paint your cabinets (tip: I would recommend having a professional painter spray the cabinet doors).

Click here to see this kitchen transformation:


Click here to see this kitchen transformation:

Achieving your dream kitchen doesn’t have to take forever or cost you your life savings. All it takes is a plan, determination and a little creativity! Happy renovating!