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Window Treatments: The ‘jewels’ of the room

Whether your windows are the focal point or an accent to your space, they deserve proper dressing! Window treatments act as structural enhancement and are the finishing touch that ties a whole room together, so it is imperative that you choose them wisely! However, with such a wide variety of options, finding window treatments that suit your needs AND your style can be overwhelming–here are some tips to help:

Practical and pretty:

When selecting window treatments, the first thing to keep in mind is the function of your space–it is easy to find treatments that serve both your practical and aesthetic vision. For example, if you are dressing bedroom windows in an eastern facing room, consider how much light to you want to let in–wooden shutters or dark roman shades might be a better choice than sheer panels if you treasure your beauty sleep!



Take advantage of the view:

Do you have large windows that look out on a beautiful view? Let your built-in focal point shine! For a successfully executed design, choose treatments that call attention to your windows and highlight your view– without taking away from it. If you’re going with fabric drapes, colors and patterns that accent the scene outside will look better than those that compete with it.



Proper hardware:

Incorrect or underwhelming hardware can turn a stunning window treatment into a tawdry mess. Don’t underestimate the power of a fabulous finial to elevate a drape to a jaw-dropping design element. Or perhaps enlist those tasseled tie-backs to be the finishing touch you need to create a look of luxury. The options are endless–have fun with them!